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“… seeing how the family responded and actually listened to our advice and helpful hints … also being able to share the wonderful moment of seeing just how a person can heal with a bit of love and attention … to see how the bedridden lady’s wounds almost completely healed in only one week.”

Quote: 2nd year B Cur nursing student

Home based care forms part of the curriculum for the BCur Degree in nursing. The students are placed in the Kwazakhele and Kleinskool communities for home based care practica. We have established a very good working relationship with the staff at the health centres, the members of the Kwazakhele Health Forum and the volunteers in both areas.

The needs in both these areas are immense as would be expected in sub-economic and informal settlement areas. Unemployment and poverty is rife. Children are often left in the care of their grandparents. The problems prevalent in these relate to poverty. Access to water has improved dramatically over the past ten years, and most people in Kwazakhele have access to taps and flush toilets on their premises, whereas in Kleinskool, people still make use of communal taps and pail latrines. Kleinskool does not have proper roads to access the homes of the members in the community with motor vehicles. Health problems of HIV/AIDS, TB, infectious diseases and chronic health conditions are prevalent.

Many of the community members on treatment for some of these health problems are unable to have a proper meal before taking their medication. Thus the need, to start a food gardening project in these two areas has been identified. The community members have shown a tremendous interest to become involved in this project, but unfortunately they do not have the necessary funding to purchase vegetable seeds and some members do not even have a spade to prepare the soil beds.

This project was started on a very informal basis last year without any funding. We received a donation of some vegetable seeds from a colleague. The students motivated 30 families in the period of August to October 2005, to start a vegetable garden.

Fifteen volunteers have accompanied the students on these visits. The volunteers are from the area and they thus know the area and community very well and are therefore very good at directing the students.

Community Involvement