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Professional development forms an integral part of the Nursing Profession. Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to give quality care to the Renal Clients. Being Nephrology trained enables you to deliver optimum quality care. Another great reward on completion is self actualization, empowerment, independence, personal growth and professional development. In order to assist you to achieve your full potential as a Nephrology Nurse we offer you at the Nelson Mandela University the chance to become Nephrology Trained by completing your Diploma in Nephrology Nursing Science.

Aim of the programme

The program facilitates the student to develop into a nephrology trained individual who can holistically care for a renal client.

Admission requirements

  • Senior certificate to equivalent
  • Registration as a General Nurse with the South African Nursing Council (SANC)
  • Candidates must have proof of holding a post as a registered nurse at a renal unit approved by the SANC, and at least one year of clinical experience in a renal unit.
  • Permission from employer to participate in program
  • Minimum 1 year clinical experience in a Renal Unit

Articulation possibilities

The diploma and the credits obtained are

  • Recognized by the South African Nursing Council as having met the national standards required for the qualification.

Obtaining the diploma

The diploma shall be obtained by completing the prescribed modules and practical work.

Duration of study

The programme extends over a period of one academic year of study


The program exposes the student to all the Nephrology related fields:

  • Nursing Dynamics VNN401 (20C)
  • Renal Function and Failure VNN402 (25C)
  • Dialysis Therapy VNN403 (30C)
  • Renal Transplantation VNN404 (20C)
  • Nephrology Nursing Practica VNN405 (25C)

Lectures take the form of a block release system and are held at the South Campus of the Nelson Mandela University.


You can apply to enroll for your Diploma in Nephrology Nursing Science by simply writing a letter stating:

  • Why you want to enroll for the Diploma in Nephrology Nursing Science
  • Current working experience
  • Contact details

You can submit this letter to the program coordinator via post, fax or email.