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  • What is the language of instruction for the nursing students?
  • How long is the B Cur degree?
  • What does the B Cur degree entail?
  • How will assessment take place?
  • Do students have a choice of where they want to do their practical hours?
  • Do the nursing students have the same recess periods as the other students on campus?
  • Do students have to work on weekends and public holidays and at night?
  • When do students start the programme?
  • Do B Cur students have an opportunity to go overseas during their programme?
  • Do nurses have to complete a community year after completion of the programme?
  • Can nurses participate in student life and activities on campus?
  • Do students have to travel far to hospitals?
  • Do students need their own transport?
  • What happens if a student gets sick - do they have a medical aid that will cover their medical expenses?
  • What are my qualifications once I have completed the programme?