Change the world



Congratulations to our new Nursing Science Head of Department, Dr E Ricks. Dr Ricks has been in the department for 10  years and her passions are Primary Health Care and Research. Dr Ricks was one of the initiators of Campus Health and worked for many years, before the merger, at the PE Technikon.

Dr Ricks is taking over from Prof van Rooyen who has been appointed as Director of the School of Clinical Care Sciences. As director of the school, Prof van Rooyen will be overseeing the Nursing Science Department, Masters programme in Health and Welfare Management, Radiography Department and the soon-to-be established Departments of Emergency Medical Care and District Health. As a result of Prof van Rooyen’s new position, this is the last column that she will write for BCured News. 

We wish both Dr Ricks and Prof van Rooyen all the best in their new positions.