Change the world


International Nurses Day in Port Elizabeth was enjoyed by nurses (registered and students) and members of the community alike!

The planning sub-committee consists of nurses from the public and private sector, nurse educators and practicing nurses as well as the PR person from Life Health Care. Four fruitful and enjoyable meetings were held and members enthusiastically went out to do what was required. The theme was for nurses to be visible in the community and to bring about CHANGE of the perception of nurses by the community. We want the community to realise that nurses are still caring, honourable and trustworthy!

We targeted 15 Shopping Centres in the Metropole and requested floor space in these Centres to have an exhibition as well as to render some services to the public. We decided on Health Education, taking of blood pressures and blood glucose screening. We obtained positive approval from only 7 Shopping Centres, where the services were rendered by:

  • Daku – 7 registered nurses, 6 nursing students
  • Pier 14 – 7 registered nurses, 8 nursing students
  • Cleary Park – 10 registered nurses, 12 students
  • 6th Avenue – 7 registered nurses, 6 nursing students
  • Walmer Park – 8 registered nurses, 8 nursing students
  • Walker Drive – 7 registered nurses, 9 nursing students
  • Summerstrand Village – 4 registered nurses, 7 nursing education students and 5 basic nursing students

We acquired equipment from a representative from Eli-Lilly and the district services. Each Shopping Centre was appointed a co-ordinator and teams were made up to man each of these Shopping Centres. What was really wonderful was the fact that the teams were made up from registered nurses and nursing students from different institutions and different ranks. Five minutes after the strange awkwardness, the nurses just gelled and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, rendering care to the community members. They shared jokes, took photos and DID THEIR THING!!! Nursing students brought some very informative posters along.

We rendered services to ± 1400 members of the public throughout the Metropole from 09:00 to 13:00. Five people were taken home by the nurses with either blood pressure readings of above 200/160 mm Hg or blood glucose readings above 22mmol/l. A number of people were referred to their doctors or health care facilities because of abnormal readings. Health education was highly emphasised.

It was evident that the public still do not take responsibility for their own health and that nurses all over have the mammoth task of health education.