Change the world



The Department of Nursing Science endorses the mission statement and core values of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and the Faculty of Health Sciences and strives to:



To be a dynamic nursing education institution recognised for its delivery of quality training programs that contributes to comprehensive health care for all.



To offer and facilitate innovative, transformative and research-based quality healthcare education to produce independent, critical thinking, competent nursing graduates who will make a positive impact in global health.



The core values of the Department of Nursing Science, in line with the values of the NMMU, are the beliefs that describe, define and direct our work and are grounded in the development of a professional nurse and nurse specialist, who embrace clinical and scholarly excellence.



  • We promote good judgement, conduct and polite behaviour amongst our graduates and employees who serve the communities and stakeholders;
  • We believe in being accountable and taking responsibility for actions and the consequences thereof;
  • We encourage dependability, dedication and commitment in delivery of health care;
  • We will adhere to the ethics, rules and regulations that governs our profession;
  • We pledge to practice our profession with conscience and dignity.



  • We foster an environment in which diversity is appreciated, respected and celebrated;
  • We acknowledge the uniqueness of the diverse population we engage with and serve;
  • We promote an environment where the opinions of others are valued and acknowledged;
  • We promote a culture of active listening and constructive feedback amongst one another and in our student community.



  • We act with integrity and accept responsibility for our actions;
  • We adhere to the moral and ethical principles of our profession;
  • We are truthful, honest, fair, just and transparent in our activities and actions;
  • We will adhere to the integrity of our information, systems and processes.



  • We promote, recognise and reward excellence in our teaching, research and engagement activities;
  • We are committed to promote the delivery of service to our customers and stakeholders to the best of our ability;
  • We provide innovative, evidence-based best practices that foster excellence;
  • We provide an environment that foster creative, transformative, interprofessional and sustainable knowledge.



  • We foster an environment in which students and employees are supported, acknowledged and assisted where possible;
  • We promote kindness, concern and compassion amongst students and employees the community that we serve;
  • We share resources, knowledge and expertise amongst colleagues, students, stakeholders and the community members.