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Admission requirements

  • Senior certificate or equivalent
  • Registration with the South African Nursing Council as a General Nurse

Duration of the programme is one year full-time study or two years of part-time study


  • Comprehensive Primary Health Care Nursing VPG101 (5C)
  • Promotion of Family Health VPG102 (5C)
  • Communicable Diseases VPG103 (5C)
  • Scientific Approach in Community Nursing VPG104 (5C)
  • Family Planning and Genetics VPG105 (5C)
  • Curative Primary Health Care: Theory VPG201 (5C)
  • Curative Primary Health Care: Practica VPG202 (5C)
  • Aspects of PHC in the Community VPG203 (5C)
  • Community Health Profiles VPG204 (5C)
  • Cultural Practices and Health VPG302 (5C)
  • Epidemiological Research: Theory VPG303 (5C)
  • Epidemiological Research: Practica VPG311 (5C)
  • Management of Primary Health Care Services VPG304 (6C)
  • Introductory Psychology SP101 (8C)
  • Child and Adolescent Development SP102 (8C)
  • Sociology: An Introduction (For Professionals) SSE101 (12C)
  • Group Dynamics SS202 (10C)
  • Parameters of Nursing Practice VPN301 (5C)
  • Contemporary Nursing Practice VPN302 (5C)
  • The Management Process in Nursing Management Practice VAE 101 (10C)
  • Leadership Development for Nursing Management Practice VAE 103 (10C)