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Upon completion of this programme the candidates are eligible for registration of the additional qualification in Nursing Science with the South African Nursing Council.

Duration of the study

The programme extends over at least one academic year of study.

Admission requirements

  • A B Cur Honores degree.
  • A pass mark of at lest 60% in the major subjects of the B Cur Honores degree.
  • Candidates must occupy a post relevant to the elected field of research.
  • An approved research proposal.
  • Approval from the Faculty Management of Health Sciences, on the recommendation of the Head of the Department of Nursing Science.

Aim of the programme

This programme aims to provide a career oriented, educational programme that will:

  • Prepare candidates for advanced practice in Nursing Science.
  • Contribute to quality patient care in the area of speciality.
  • Support the national health policy.
  • Develop nursing science in this speciality.

Articulation possibilities

The degree credits obtained are:

  • Recognized by the South African Nursing Council as having met the national standards required for the qualification.
  • Recognized for entrance tot he Doctoral degree in Nursing Science.

Obtaining the degree

The degree shall be obtained by completing the prescribed research project.


A candidate shall select one of the following programmes in consultation with the Head of the Department of Nursing Science:

  1. Dissertation on an approved topic (VT500)
  2. Research Planning and Presentation (attendance course) (SP520)
  3. Advanced Research Methodology and Methods A (SP521)

Candidates may be exempted from these modules by the Head of the Department of Nursing Science.


The candidate must submit a dissertation on an approved subject. At least three examiners, one external froma university shall be appointed for assessing the dissertation.

Consultation times

The student will meet with the appointed supervisor(s) on a regular basis, based on appointments.