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MASTER OF NURSING (RESEARCH): Selection process requires the following
No. Requirements: Details:
1. Interview The HOD of Department of Nursing will interview you with two senior academics.
2. CV

A copy of your full CV must be submitted to the HoD.

3. Referees Submit the names of two referees to the HoD. At least one must be a senior lecturer at a university who can support your application for a Master’s Degree.
4. Essay
  • A 600 word essay must be submitted to the HOD.
  • The first 200 words must be an autobiographical sketch concerning your professional career and should also indicate why you intend to do a Master’s Degree.
  • The rest of the essay must include 1) a research topic, 2) a rationale for the study and 3) three references to support the rationale.
  • See latest Prospectus
  • The Department of Nursing Science acknowledges that the research topic is subject to change.
  • Please contact the Department of Nursing Science if you have any questions relating to the above.