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The Department of Nursing Science endorses the mission statement and core values of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and the Faculty of Health Sciences and strives to:

  • Serve the community and develop Nursing Science as a distinctive health science through research
  • Facilitate optimal development of its students at all levels of higher learning in accordance with local and national needs
  • Participate in and promote the development of the Eastern Cape community.

The vision of the Department of Nursing Science is:

  • to be recognised nationally and internationally for the quality of its development of nursing science as a distinctive human clinical science in a diverse society and
  • the empowerment of its students, community and personnel through academic, professional, research and practice excellence.


The Department of Nursing Science, directed by the universal norms and values of the nursing profession and the practice of science informed by the health, political, social and economic realities of the diverse South African society, identifying itself with the vision, mission statement, core values, policies and strategic actions of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University as an engaged institution, and endorsing the vision and mission statement of the Faculty of Health Sciences, recognises its responsibility to the people of South Africa and therefore is committed to pursuance of excellence in the management of its resources, academic and collaborative programmes and research, in order to –

  • enhance the quality of its teaching, facilitation of learning, practice and research competence in nursing, by means of promoting and monitoring educational standards, and facilitating the development of nursing academics and practitioners.
  • deliver mature, caring nursing professionals who are committed to lifelong development and empowered to function competently and assertively in the clinical, educational, management and research environments of health care, and
  • promote the health and quality of life of the people of the Eastern Cape Province, and the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in particular, by means of inter-sectoral and community partnerships as well as inter-departmental, national and international collaborative research and academic exchange.


The core values of the Department of Nursing Science, in line with the values of the NMMU, are the beliefs that describe, define and direct our work and are grounded in the development of a professional nurse and nurse specialist, who embrace clinical and scholarly excellence.

Our core values are: CARING

Caring is the essence of humanity and the basic constitutive phenomena of the human experience. Caring encompasses the interest, concern, compassion and kindness we demonstrate for our students, colleagues and the community. Caring can be further defined as facilitating the teaching-learning process, advocating for the needs of others and mentoring our students and novice colleagues. CULTIVATING EXCELLENCE

We believe in encouraging, collaborating and sharing knowledge and experience among colleagues and students in developing and implementing innovations for the advancement of nursing education, practice and research. We believe that it is important to encourage and develop leadership, creativity and scholarship; therefore we nurture potential, challenge the intellect, foster creativity and commit to continued personal and professional growth and development. INTEGRITY

We believe that our actions must be based on an internally consistent framework of principles such as honesty, fairness, truthfulness and trustworthiness, while holding ourselves to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. RESPECT

We believe that all human beings possess inherent worth and deserve unconditional respect and therefore, we:

  • acknowledge the values of others by treating them with respect
  • exemplify good human relations skills such as courteousness, consideration and responsiveness to others
  • act in a dignified professional manner and
  • listen to others carefully and ask for clarification when necessary. DIVERSITY

We believe in creating an environment of inclusiveness where individual, intellectual and social diversity are valued because we are responsible for developing the potential of every individual of our diverse community. PROFESSIONALISM

Professionalism is the essence of the Department of Nursing Science and it creates a climate to encourage personal development of accountability, responsibility, dependability and commitment through collaboration, co-operation and mentoring. ALTRUISM

We believe that nurses put the welfare of their patients first and are ethically required to take care of patients sometimes risking their own safety and health.