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Upon completion of this programme the candidates are elegible for registration of the additional qualification in Nursing Education with the South African Nursing Council

Aim of the programme

This diploma aims to provide a career-oriented, educational programme that will:

  • Prepare candidates to deliver quality education practice in a teaching and learning environment.
  • Contribute to quality learning and teaching in the area of andragogical teaching and learning.
  • Develop learning and teaching in this speciality area.

Admission requirements

  • Registration as a nurse with the South African Nursing Council.
  • Proof of personal professional indemnity insurance coverage.
  • Recognition of programmes for exemption of modules VCH 201-204 shall be considered only for equivalent programmes completed not more than five years prior to the commencement of studies for this degree. 

Articulation possibilities

The diploma and the credits obtained are

  • Recognized by the South African Nursing Council as having met the national standards required for the qualification.

Obtaining the diploma

The diploma shall be obtained by completing the prescribed modules and practical work.

Duration of study

The programme extends over a period of one academic year of study or two years part-time study.


The programme comprises the following modules and credits.

(C = Credits) 

  • Managing the Teaching Process: VAE 102 (10C)
  • Developing Nursing Curricula: VAE 104 (10C)
  • Teaching Media (Attendance): VAE 105 (4C)
  • Media Theory: VEL 101 (8C)
  • Lesson planning for nurse educators: VEL 102 (8C)
  • Nursing Education Regulatory Process: VAE 202 (12C)
  • Managing Nursing Education Situations: VAE 204 (12C)
  • Nursing Education Practica: VAE 205 (4C).
    • Students prepare and teach theoretical lessons and practical demonstrations relating to Nursing
  • Management of Cardio-vascular Problems: VCH 201 (15C)
  • Management of Respiratory Problems: VCH 202 (15C)
  • Management of Renal and Neurological Problems: VCH 203 (15C)
  • Management of Multi-system Problems: VCH 204 (15C)


Each module will be evaluated by means of written assignments, and tests. The theoretical work will be evaluated by means of written examinations in June and November of each year. A 40-minute practical examination consisting of one single lecture presentation will be conducted during the course of the relevant year - relating to the module VAE 205.