Students registered for the new Bachelor of Nursing programme must complete 3000 hours of practical “work”. Without the practical component, a student will not be able to graduate as a general nurse and midwife or be eligible for registration with the South African Nursing Council (SANC). Practical placements start in the first year, after orientation and simulation training. During the training, students are taught the necessary skills expected of a first-year student nurse.

Throughout the four-year training period, students are placed at various health-care facilities, such as hospitals and clinics, and they are also exposed to various disciplines; examples of these disciplines are surgical nursing, medical nursing and emergency nursing. Patients need 24-hour care, and therefore students do both day and night duty. Shifts are mostly from 07:00-16:00 or 07:00-19:00.

Nursing students are required to apply what they have learnt during their theoretical lectures and practical training when actively caring for patients in the health-care facilities where they are placed. Students will also be assessed and examined on a regular basis in health-care facilities and in simulations to ensure that they become competent professional nurses.

Applicants will receive updates throughout the process. Once the Admissions Department has processed the applications and referred them to the Department of Nursing Science, all applications will be screened by the head of the Department of Nursing Science.
Only those candidates that meet the academic requirements and selection criteria may be approved for the appropriate programmes. The process normally takes approximately one month. You will receive notification from the Admissions Department (usually an SMS), informing you that your application has been received and that it has been sent to the Department of Nursing Science for processing. After your application has been provisionally accepted/declined, you will receive another notification. If after six weeks you have not heard anything from the university or the Department of Nursing Science, please contact the department on Tel: 041 504 2122/3087 and speak to the secretary so that she can follow up on your application for you. Please have your student number ready when you make the call to ensure that the process runs smoothly, and you get the results more quickly.
Prospective students are encouraged to apply online. Please use the following link to find the application procedure.
Supporting documents: Please ensure that you send all requested documents with your application and that you understand the process of application fully.
Please note: It is important that you submit all required documents on time. Not submitting these documents may result in your application’s not being processed. You may forfeit the opportunity to study with us if this happens.
Application process: Once the application is submitted online, it gets processed by the Admissions Department. The Admissions Department will then forward the application to the Department of Nursing Science for selection. Once selection has been completed, the Department of Nursing Science sends the outcome to the Admissions Department, who will in turn notify you whether you have been accepted or not. You will receive notifications via SMS and/or email throughout the process.
Finalisation of applications: Provisional acceptance is finalised once your matric (Grade 12) results are published, provided that you still adhere to the requirements and selection criteria of the programme.

Applications are usually open from April to September each year. Please ensure that you apply in time. All applications have to be screened to ensure that students comply with the entrance requirements and the requirements of the training programme. Upon acceptance, you will receive registration information. Registration is normally towards the end of January or the beginning of February each year.


- Certified copy of Identity document

- Certified copy of your latest matric results

- Academic record and certificate of conduct from previous institutions (if applicable)

- Diploma/Degree (if applicable)

- Marriage certificate (if applicable)

- Proof of residential address (if applying for on-campus accommodation)


- All of the above listed documentation

- Proof of professional indemnity care

- SANC receipt

- Completed Curriculum Vitae (detailing working experience)

- U24 completed (Post-graduate application form)