Dr Allison Du Plessis is a senior lecturer in the Department of Nursing at Nelson Mandela University. She is a midwifery specialist and has extensive clinical midwifery experience. She has ten years of learning and teaching experience in the midwifery discipline, teaching under- and postgraduate midwifery students. Allison is involved in both under- and postgraduate curriculum development and design for midwifery programmes. Further experiences include clinical management, leadership, and external engagement with national Nursing Education Institutions and other universities.

She has successfully supervised several honours and masters students to graduation and is currently supervising five masters and co-supervising two doctoral students. Her research focus is clinical midwifery care, and maternal, child and family planning health care. Her PhD work included a best practice guideline for chorioamnionitis and she completed one non-qualification study linked to her PhD work. She specialises in qualitative research methods, integrative literature reviews and more recently intervention research methods. Allison recently successfully completed an international grant proposal for a collaborative project, working with three national universities and Strathclyde University. She engages with Life Healthcare as a regional research mentor for nursing educators, nursing practitioners and nursing students.

Email: Allison.DuPlessis@mandela.ac.za

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6596-2310